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Peace in the Midst of a Pandemic
Peace in the Midst of a Pandemic
The Diamond in Your Pocket

This episode was originally broadcast the day after the death of friend and work colleague Mo Dibba from Covid-19. May he rest in peace.

There is a story about an infamous diamond thief who sought to steal only the most exquisite and precious of gems. This thief would hang around the diamond district of the city to observe wealthy buyers purchasing the gems, so that later he could pick their pocket.

One day he saw a well-known diamond merchant purchase a much sought-after jewel. It was the most purest, most pristine diamond. The thief excited by the prospect of such a steal followed the diamond merchant as he boarded the train, getting into the same compartment. He spent an entire three-day journey trying to pick the merchant’s pocket and obtain the diamond. When the end of the journey came and he hadn’t found the gem, he was very frustrated. An accomplished thief, he employed all the skills at his disposal but was still was not able to steal this precious jewel.

When the diamond merchant got off the train, the pickpocket followed him again. Finally, he just couldn’t stand it any more, and he walked up to the merchant and said, ‘Sir, I am a renowned diamond thief. I saw you purchase that beautiful diamond, so I followed you onto the train. Though I used all the skills of my art, which have been perfected over many years, I was not able to find the gem. I must know your secret. Tell me, please, how did you hide it from me?’

The diamond merchant replied, ‘Well, I saw you watching me in the diamond district, and I suspected you were a pickpocket. So I hid the diamond where I thought you would be least likely to look for it — in your own pocket!’ He then reached into the thief’s pocket and pulled out the diamond.”

We have a source of unalloyed peace and happiness within us – we just need to look and try not to miss the obvious!

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