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What is inner stillness? - "Inner stillness is the point in meditation where the mind becomes so still that you no longer have thoughts running through it although you’re still awake and alert. At this point, you’re observing the mind and body and realize that you have control over both. When you’re in the state of inner stillness, you don’t notice the external world and are completely absorbed in the internal world. Often at this point, you’ll feel a deep sense of connection. Here you’re able to tap into your subconscious mind which is where deep healing and true change can occur. When you come out of this state, you feel incredibly refreshed and a deep sense of love for life."

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The Present Moment #peace #mindfulness #meditation #consciousnessshift

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From Take Your Time: How to Find Patience, Peace, and Meaning by Eknath Easwaran

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After over a year away, I will be resuming in-person teaching at 10 Harley Street. Due to my NHS commitments, I will be seeing new visitors on alternate Fridays only. I will not be charging for in-person visits (donations are welcome but by no means obligatory). I will be offering the following services for free:NHS Staff 20 minutes essence of meditation session. This will cover two basic principles and two basic practices. Perhaps the only session you will need. Please contact: for further information.Meditation and Spiritual Teachers 1 hour silent meditation. Those with a naturally quiet mind such as experienced meditators or those who have been practicing self-inquiry may benefit from one hour in silence. This service is offered for free on the basis of recommendations from known teachers. Please contact me directly if interested in this service:


The Chakras - Colours of the Rainbow

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Mental Health Awareness Week - Day 5 Meditation i̴n̴ is everyday life.


Mental Health Awareness Week Day 4 Overcoming (some of the) issues that arise when starting a meditation practice.


Mental Health Awareness Week Day 3 The Mantra Hope this mornings practice brought some peace and joy. Here’s the stream in case you missed it.


Mental Health Awareness Week - Day 2 Mediation Anchors


Mental Health Awareness Week - Day 1 An introduction to meditation. In case anyone missed the stream.


**Mental Health Awareness Week 9th-15th May 2022** I will be giving guided meditation teaching via livestream on most mainstream social media platforms for mental health awareness week (see links below). The livestream will start at 6am (British Summer Time) and last 15 - 20 minutes (except on days 6 and 7 which will be longer). This practice is suitable for beginners and is secular by nature. The programme is as follows:Day 1 - Introduction and the basics of meditation practice Day 2 - Meditation anchors Day3 - Meditation mantras Day 4 - Dealing with difficulties in meditation practice Day 5 - Meditation in daily living Day 6 - The miracle of mindfulness Day 7 - Going beyond mindfulness - to its essence.Links Facebook - Twitter - links.pandey.healthare/twitter YouTube - Twitch - welcome