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Vikas Pandey

MB ChB, MD, MRCS (Eng), FRCS (Gen Surg), Dip BSoM

I was born in India, moving to the United Kingdom with my family at the age of four. I grew up in the North West of England and went to medical school in Liverpool. I moved to London in 1999 to start my surgical training, initially in the East of London before starting at Imperial College Healthcare in 2001 where I have worked as a Senior House Officer, Research Fellow, General Surgery Specialist Registrar and Vascular Surgery Specialist Registrar. Much of my postgraduate and research activity has been in the field of surgical education and I have been on a number of influential national and international committees as a trainee and since as a consultant.

Meditation has always been part of my life, having been exposed to it as a young age but it wasn't until I started my daily practice after becoming a consultant in 2015 that I found truly transformative. Not just myself, family, friends and colleagues have all noted the transformation, initially psychologically and subsequently physically, after starting my daily practice.

I have found that meditation has changed, for the better, every aspect of my life, from the operative surgery to interpersonal relationships and my views are the same as many prominent meditatators, that it brings you closer to being the person you were meant to be. There is increasing peace and happiness in my life, but also the very occasional regret that I didn't discover it sooner.

Undoubtedly, it would have helped in my teenage years, whilst I was studying for the numerous examinations, training to be a surgeon and generally negotiating life. Anyone who has met me know how passionate I am about meditation and this is reflected in my teaching. I think that everyone without exception, from all age groups, walks of life and socioeconomic class would benefit from meditation and I offer my services within the National Health Service - I am also a wellbeing champion in my NHS trust and I have taught at other NHS and academic environments. I also offer my services privately and I have tried to make these as accessible to everyone.

If you are interested in starting a daily practice or just have a question regarding meditation, send me a message or a video email using the WAVES system and I will reply as soon as I can. If you would like to schedule a video session, this can be done via this website with all sessions taking place within the site. Our video platform runs independently of Zoom or other confering platforms so there is no requirement for any additional software. If you would like to visit me in Harley Street, please use WhatApp messenger on the contact page or the contact forms throughout site for the quickest response.

I am available for outside group booking but I need a minimum of eight weeks notice. If you are still not sure, then I hope you enjoy the resources available on this site including the meditation library, blog and ebooks and videos. I also do frequent livestreams on social media so please free to follow via the channel links in the footer.

I look forward to meeting you soon.


Vikas Pandey Consultant Surgeon
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Zeer verhelderende meditatie.

Zeer verhelderende meditatie. De muziek zou iets stiller mogen zijn. Dank! ????????️

Wetteren. Belgium


Thank you Vikas for that beautiful meditation. I feel inspired.

Madrid, Spain

Very interested in the tradition

I love this meditation and very interested in the tradition

Amsterdam. Netherlands



North Vancouver

Every time I hear something profound.

I have done this meditation over 15 times and every time I hear something profound. So grateful for this calm, peaceful voice and guidance

Darwin, New Tasmania. Australia

Excellent Meditation

Excellent meditation. Thanks

Jason Williams
Norcross, United Kingdom

Using this daily

Fantastic meditation have been using this daily would love to donate couldn’t find a link ????????

Eric Callaghan
Paisley, United Kingdom

Touched many points.

Although some trouble with a few statements appeared here (which is true of pretty much all the meditations I have heard on this app), this touched many points that seem essential to getting beyond stress relief and dependence on outer conditions. The major issue I have is with the statement I have heard countless times that everything is always changing. The particular issue is with the visual field. I know intellectually it is true but it is not my experience of, say, seeing the wall here. Yes, the wall does disappear for a split second when I blink, but when I open my eyes again, it looks incredibly stable. Certainly very different from the sensations of the body. How can I get to the point where I can perceive that same changing energy in visual objects? That seems like it would help break the spell a lot. Thank you.

Maggi Veltre
San Diego, CA. USA


Phenomenal ????

Venu Murthy
Bengalaru. India


Remarkable. Allowed me to withdraw fully into my Inner being and maintain full presence throughout. Many thanks.

Mark Layne
Westchester, IL. USA

You have a soothing voice.

That was a beautiful practice, I revisited this after some time and as my own practice has become more intense, I’ve noticed this was very perfect at this time, it seemed to go quickly, the feelings inside and around, the gentle observation of self- Thank you- this has shown me how far my practice has evolved. You have a soothing voice.

Rainham, United Kingdom

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